Štítek: Production
Vibes track for videocut of the finals of competition Miss Highschool for Líbím se ti

07. 02. 2015 63

Look at the video from the final evening of the 'Miss High School 2013' competition for which I composed the music soundtrack. Our new track 'It Could Be You' was a clear choice. This time I synchronized the music directly according to the scenes and I held on to the timing until the very last tune.

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Vibes Remix “Who Is St. Germain” in French movie “Un singe sur le dos” on satellite channel Arte

21. 10. 2014 115

Did it ever happen to you that you produced a really good track, and you liked it that much that you wanted to remix it straight away? I usually do re-mixes for other people, but in this case when I "accidentally" looped half a tact of a recently finished track 'Who Is St. Germain', the idea was out there and it was so successful that it was broadcasted on the satellite channel Arte in a French movie ‘Un singe sur le dos’.

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