How I spilt young wine onto my Kurzweil P3K

Read how I had to take apart one of my most favorite instruments, Kurzweil PC3K, and look at the pictures in the gallery. Although the whole action took several hours, all went surprisingly smooth. And inside the Kurzweil? It is definitely worth seeing. The Mara chips, developed by Ray Kurzweil, have survived the test of time.

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Shruthi-1 – The Legend from Mutable Instruments

Have you heard about the interesting synthesizer Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments? You should definitely get one, or better to build one yourself. Moreover, thanks to a variety of filters, you can even build the whole series. Do you want filters from MS-20, Polyvox, Moog, or Arp? You can choose.

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New Plugin for the Vibes Studio – Eventide Blackhole

Get an experimental reverb from Eventide, especially convenient for making movies. Blackhole is the first native plugin from Eventide that I have in my Vibes studio and I was really surprised by its quality sound, possibilities and direct control.

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Knob Replacement on a Clavia Nord Rack 2

Do you know how to change a non-working knob on a Nord Rack 2? Inspired by colleagues from the DIY group, I started to fix this and I was not expecting it to be so easy. Do you solder? Do you fancy electronics? I am sure you can also do this, too. Look at the photos from the changing process.

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New photos of Vibes studio

Check out the Vibes studio photos by the photographer Filip Obr. The result has exceeded my expectations. When working, I use a lot of hardware and I tend to favor real analogue synthesizers and hardware compressors. Ergonomics is important and this kind of set up is more convenient for me.

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Tubes for DIY microphone Gyraf G7

A synchronized pair of Telefunken EF86 lamps for a new DIY microphone Gyraf G7. Do you wish to have an excellent lamp microphone with the sound of the famous Neumann U-67? Then you could be interested in Jakob Erland's Gyraf G7 project.

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