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DIY Series: Introduction – Shruthi-1 Assembling

24. 04. 2015 67

The initial part of the DIY - Do It Yourself has been done in co-operation with the Music Store magazine. We will regularly bring you interviews with DIY specialist and hand over their experiences spiced up by interesting tricks. Read the first part of the DIY series and you will get to know how I built and soldered my first DIY synthesizer - Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments.

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How I spilt young wine onto my Kurzweil P3K

26. 02. 2015 133 Studio

Read how I had to take apart one of my most favorite instruments, Kurzweil PC3K, and look at the pictures in the gallery. Although the whole action took several hours, all went surprisingly smooth. And inside the Kurzweil? It is definitely worth seeing. The Mara chips, developed by Ray Kurzweil, have survived the test of time.

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Collaboration with Taini

04. 02. 2015 84


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Shruthi-1 – The Legend from Mutable Instruments

07. 09. 2014 241 Studio

Have you heard about the interesting synthesizer Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments? You should definitely get one, or better to build one yourself. Moreover, thanks to a variety of filters, you can even build the whole series. Do you want filters from MS-20, Polyvox, Moog, or Arp? You can choose.

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Vibes Series: DIY – Do It Yourself

07. 09. 2014 301

Vibes is starting a new series on DIY - Do It Yourself. In a twelvefold series, Each month I will interview a specialist in DIY and share his experiences with you. Hopefully that could inspire you as it did me. Think globally, act locally. This is one of the DIY thoughts and it reflects perfectly the situation nowadays. I will introduce you to people, who thanks to DIY, began with interesting startups, freed themselves from being an employee and are now successful in what they like doing.

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DIY Series: Part 7. – 7 days at Château de Fougerette

25. 08. 2014 219

How is it like to spend one week at Château de Fougerette with a Swiss community who is excited about and into electronics? The next part of the DIY series is here. This time I am bringing you a complete review from a workshop in this summer camp in the heart of French countryside, spiced by the magic of an old castle. The atmosphere was great, with a great group of people and a rich schedule.

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Collaboration with Mari W.

02. 08. 2014 200 Blog

Co-operation with the singer Mari W, who is known from Prague Ska Conspiracy scene, is at full pace. The colour of her voice is unchangeable and the easy lyrics that can engage you. This time we chose an electroswing style and we are working on a new EP that will be released in Spring 2015. Are you looking forward to hearing it as much as we are working on it?

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Korg MS-20 Mini Review

30. 07. 2014 159

Have you heard about the reincarnation of the cult analogue synthesizer Korg MS-20? As the Korg company states itself, it has used the same type of electronic parts to reach the authentic sound. What do you think of it? Has the small Mini done it and what is its sound like?

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DIY Series: Part 6. – Interview with Jonáš Gruska

07. 07. 2014 223

Today we will be looking at the DIY phenomena from a slightly different point of view. And that will be through the artist´s eyes, who is fully engaged in experimental music. He is also looking for new ways of connecting the real world with the world of electronics and new technology. In this DIY series I have so far interviewed the youngest DIY Guru Jonáš Gruska, whom I visited in Bratislava.

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