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Vibes hudba k videospotu real estatového projektu Villa Vokovice

02. 07. 2016 607

Novinka z dílny Vibes je tady. Tentokrát jsem využil nabídku na složení autorské hudby pro videospot Villa Vokovice developerského projektu firmy Daramis a na požadavek klienta jsem si ke spolupráci přizval rakouskou RnB zpěvačku Ann Luciu Gheru. Villa Vokovice bude krásné moderní místo k bydlení na Praze 6, kousek od Divoké Šárky. Když jsem viděl první náhledy videa, dýchlo na mě svěží letní období. A tak jsem se pustil do hudby ve stylu lounge.

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Videospot for the International Conference Wordcamp Prague 2015

29. 03. 2015 238

I have known Filip Obr from Tipy jak fotit (Ideas of photomaking) for quite a while and our first cooperation included promo photos for a new EP with the singer Mari W. which has turned out to be more than successful. So when the Czech Wordpress Comunnity offered us to do shoot for a videospot as a advert for the conference, we did not hesitate and got right down to it.

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Vibes track for videocut of the finals of competition Miss Highschool for Líbím se ti

07. 02. 2015 63

Look at the video from the final evening of the 'Miss High School 2013' competition for which I composed the music soundtrack. Our new track 'It Could Be You' was a clear choice. This time I synchronized the music directly according to the scenes and I held on to the timing until the very last tune.

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Vibes Remix “Who Is St. Germain” in French movie “Un singe sur le dos” on satellite channel Arte

21. 10. 2014 115

Did it ever happen to you that you produced a really good track, and you liked it that much that you wanted to remix it straight away? I usually do re-mixes for other people, but in this case when I "accidentally" looped half a tact of a recently finished track 'Who Is St. Germain', the idea was out there and it was so successful that it was broadcasted on the satellite channel Arte in a French movie ‘Un singe sur le dos’.

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Vibes DJing at the event ‘The Girl of the Year 2014’

22. 01. 2014 174 DJing

This time I played in the pleasant environment of the luxury saloon car Advantage cars at the semi-final round of the 'Girl of the Year' competition that was organized by the event agency 'Hitch Event'. Beautiful cars coupled together with the great courage of the young girls made it a memorable day. Furthermore, there were interesting people in the jury.

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Vibes Track For The Moment in the campaign Wilkinson Sword

26. 08. 2012 53

The lounge track "For the Moment" that was produced in cooperation with the singer Taini was used as a background track for the campaign "I believe in Myself", organized by the company of shaving and cosmetic products Wilkinson Sword. Look at the videos. Which of the three finally chosen girls do you find the most attractive?

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