Štítek: Interviews
Workshop s Bastl Instruments ve zkušebně Converse

05. 05. 2015 610

Partičku Bastl Instruments jsem poprvé potkal před rokem v rámci mého seriálu o DIY pro časopis Music Store. Už tenkrát jsme si padli do noty. Kluci měli dobře našlápnuto a jejich projekt měl slibnou budoucnost. Když se mi Ondřej Merta, šéf Bastl Instruments ozval, jestli bych se nechtěl na workshop podívat a zase se vidět, říkal jsem si, chci být u toho. Věděl jsem, že to bude zase legrace a nudit se určitě nebudu.

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DIY Series: Part 7. – 7 days at Château de Fougerette

25. 08. 2014 219

How is it like to spend one week at Château de Fougerette with a Swiss community who is excited about and into electronics? The next part of the DIY series is here. This time I am bringing you a complete review from a workshop in this summer camp in the heart of French countryside, spiced by the magic of an old castle. The atmosphere was great, with a great group of people and a rich schedule.

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DIY Series: Part 6. – Interview with Jonáš Gruska

07. 07. 2014 223

Today we will be looking at the DIY phenomena from a slightly different point of view. And that will be through the artist´s eyes, who is fully engaged in experimental music. He is also looking for new ways of connecting the real world with the world of electronics and new technology. In this DIY series I have so far interviewed the youngest DIY Guru Jonáš Gruska, whom I visited in Bratislava.

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DIY Series: Part 5. – Interview with Bastl Instruments

28. 05. 2014 137

What would happen when several musicians from the Brno underground scene met at an art school and discover on their own that each of them is into electronics? A successful project can arise after five years that will have a yearly turnover to the amount of one million Czech crowns and will distribute DIY instruments to the whole world. This time, the boys from Bastl Instruments were interviewed and I was really having a great time with them.

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DIY Series: Part 4. – Interview with Michal Steinz

28. 04. 2014 83

In today's part of the DIY series I visited Michal Steinz the owner of recording studio in Tabor who is engaged in building clones of famous studio equipment. How to build, for example, a clone of the SSL G4000 Mixbus compressor? And how to make it look attractive? How to deal with the construction requirements, and with the actual making of the instrument? Michal and I discussed all these issues.

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DIY Series: Part 3. – Interview with Martin Trochta

24. 03. 2014 121

This time I went to a small town called Rudolfov, close to České Budějovice where Martin Trochta, another DIY guru, grew up in when he was a child. Martin's life story can inspire any enthusiast whose situation made him or her start from restricted means (as many of us did) and make it on their own. Besides the eurorack models that Martin offers under the Autiolab label, we also had the chance to look at his analogue jewel called Yousynth.

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