Štítek: Collaboration
Vibes collaboration with Disk Multimedia

24. 06. 2014 62

Vibes has been co-operating on a long term basis with the renowned Czech distributor ´Disk Multimedia´, who specializes in studio technique and equipment for musicians. Thanks to this company, I have had the opportunity to try out first some of the latest and newest models on the market. Do you have something in mind that you would like to test?

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Vibes Collaboration with Magazine Music Store

10. 11. 2013 47

I have been writing regular reviews for the Music Store magazine for 7 years. as well as testing new instruments, the co-operation has increased into a new series on DIY. With the editor Luděk Bohovič we are working on bringing you as much information and as many experiences as possible from music composing and the creative area.

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New Vibes track – Distant Horizon

14. 07. 2013 48

Vibes is releasing a new deep lounge track 'Distant Horizon' that has been composed with the co-operation of saxophonist Ivan M. We are planning to give you the first track of our co-operation where we preferred the sound of the wind controller EWI.

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Interview with Vibes for Disk Multimedia

30. 01. 2013 44

Read an interview I gave to the Disk Multimedia company on the topic of plugins from Universal Audio which I use when producing music. Which plugins are my favorite and how do I work with HW from UAD? Let yourself to be inspired or write to me. I will be happy to give you some advice.

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Vibes collaborates with Ivan Myslikovjan

23. 12. 2012 77

Do you know Ivan Myslikovjan? He is one of the best Czech saxophonists. Thanks to his know-how, diligence and engagement, he has became a residential player in the renowned club 'Pacha' and other dance clubs on Ibiza. I talked to him when I bumped into him in The K-audio music shop. After this, we started to co-operate.

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