Ondřej Říha

I'm Ondřej Vibes, studio producer, of the Vibes - More Than Just Music project. I love real analog sound, finding new production techniques and collaborating with other musicians and performers. For me, music is not catharsis or self-therapy, but an inner way, pushing boundaries, creative power and self-reflection. Music can appeal to, excite, make you think but also heal. Working with time and melody, rhythm and harmony, in collaboration with others, opens up a world of new possibilities and never-ending creativity.



  • Composing musical fragments
  • Sound design
  • Composing music for videos and commercials
Fotka studia

Vibes studio is focusing on its own production and on the custom – built production for the clients of Vibes Vision brand. I always want the original sound, which I achieve through a thoughtful selection of studio equipment with an emphasis on ergonomics and also my own production techniques. When composing, I mostly use hardware, Logic Pro X, along with plugins from Eventide, UAD, SoundToys and Output.



The Vibes - More Than Just Music project covers the production of music and sound material from the Vibes Vision brand, with a focus on the brand, and corporate identity.

Give your identity a unique sound and captivate. We will produce for you unmistakable turn-key music, as well as professional photos, a modern fast website and attractive video. We will cover all creative and material production for the development of your business. We will prepare materials for advertising campaigns with unique author's content, created to measure exactly according to your ideas.