Date Posted: 4. 2. 2015



What does music mean to you and what does it bring you? Imagine life without hearing, a movie without sound, meeting people without dialogue. Imagine yourself in space with absolute silence. What would you miss? Sound is the true essence as it reveals its true inner self. Thanks to hearing we have a chance to truely connect with other people. To hear, is to step back from themselves, and enter into something else, or to someone else. Sound completely engulfs us at first, empowers us, gives us the opportunity through hearing then consciousness and rise above ourselves. And how is it with music? Music wakes some people up makes them sleep, cry or cheers them up. It can damage and destroy or heal and cure. For me, music means to create, influence and implement. The process of composing gives me self-reflection, collaboration with others, brings me new impulses and work on a project mirrors the path I have chosen.

My name is Ondrej Riha and I am the studio producer of Vibes – More Than Just Music. As the essence of music stretches beyond the normal everyday function of life, the Vibes project is also not just about music. It is a way of life, which I have chosen. It is a constant over the limits; daily work requiring the will, education and humility. Work on the project is an inexhaustible source of new opportunities that one has to seize upon. Vibes allows me to have a goal, giving me space to create and develop. Live performances preserve a piece of my youthfulness, working with texts fulfills the philosophy of life and working for clients enhances my professional development. Music accompanies me through life, and the older I get, the more real it gets for me.

After a long period when I went through several musical styles, including jazz which fascinated me the most, I realized that the only straight beats keep my head out of the clouds and this electronic music opens up endless possibilities. Dance beats encourage work and provide me energy. Several varying studio equipment, when I write reviews because I went through the hands of many keys, effects and programs, I decided to work with style real hardware tools. They give me more room to   improvisation and innovation. It is a tool, which reflects hundreds of hours of development, testing, and some great real work. Old analogues of nineties, offering pure strong sound and the sound of my point in particular. In addition, each piece in the studio offers one story I’d like to remember.

Studio Vibes is designed as a production studio, especially for composing my own music and work projects where musicians and people who like to create and associate freely meet up. Even though I prefer electronic music, mainly with machine beats, it is crucial for me that music must have soul. Music should not be a catharsis of self-therapy, but a force that gives a person a desire to act and also opportunity for reflection. Vibes corporates with a number of great musicians and singers, whom have enriched my songs with their individuality and skills.

Vibes – More Than Just Music not only leads to individuality and freedom, but also responsibility and awareness of who I am, why I’m here and where I am going. Writing reviews allows me to pass on my experience to others. Know-how is not only for one´s self, it should be available to all, building on cooperation between others and not on competitiveness and competition. Working with clients leads to mutual satisfaction which benefits my clients and promotes the possibility of further cooperation in the future. Vibe´s motto is: “The more you give, the more you receive.”

Project Vibes is always looking for new impulses, job offers challenges and donors, which resonates with the whole concept and would like to support it. Looking for like-minded people from different areas who would like to join with these ideas and create something new. Also seeking people who realize that the musical element of their work is an important part of it and put the same emphasis as the rest. Despite the fact that the inner dimension is important to me, the outward form must match the contemporary requirements. Good production is an art craft. Quality dance tracks need to fill clubs; calm lounge let´s people enjoy pleasant tranquility on beach, funky tracks with catchy vocals and sexy exposing feminine charm with a natural light degree of sauciness and deliberate theatricality all needs to say something.

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