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Girl of the Year 2014

22. 01. 2014 239


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Interview witth Vibes for the ‘Líbím se ti’ magazine

13. 01. 2014 64

Read the interview with Vibes that I have provided for the life style magazine 'Líbím se ti'. For 'Líbím se ti' server I also composed music that has been used in the final round of 'Miss Líbím se ti HighSchool'. I discussed music, composing, djing, drugs and also philosophy with the charming Lucy.

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DIY – Bohdan Pásek

01. 01. 2014 372


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Akai Hitch Party

12. 12. 2013 443


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Vibes DJing for Akai Proffesional

12. 12. 2013 73 DJing

Vibes DJing for Akai Professional with a live performance with Mari W. We presented two new electroswing tracks and mash up at a fashion show in an Asian Punk style. For this show I prepared a really energetic mash-up.

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Vibes Collaboration with Magazine Music Store

10. 11. 2013 48

I have been writing regular reviews for the Music Store magazine for 7 years. as well as testing new instruments, the co-operation has increased into a new series on DIY. With the editor Luděk Bohovič we are working on bringing you as much information and as many experiences as possible from music composing and the creative area.

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New photos of Vibes studio

05. 11. 2013 76 Studio

Check out the Vibes studio photos by the photographer Filip Obr. The result has exceeded my expectations. When working, I use a lot of hardware and I tend to favor real analogue synthesizers and hardware compressors. Ergonomics is important and this kind of set up is more convenient for me.

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New Vibes profile on Myspace

03. 10. 2013 50

Even if it might seem that the community network Myspace, designed especially for artists and musicians, is destined to cease, the new update with a completely changed fresh graphic design, free from annoying advertisements, showed that Myspace has still things to offer. Check the Vibes' Myspace profile.

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Tubes for DIY microphone Gyraf G7

13. 08. 2013 160 Blog, Studio

A synchronized pair of Telefunken EF86 lamps for a new DIY microphone Gyraf G7. Do you wish to have an excellent lamp microphone with the sound of the famous Neumann U-67? Then you could be interested in Jakob Erland's Gyraf G7 project.

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New Vibes track – Distant Horizon

14. 07. 2013 48

Vibes is releasing a new deep lounge track 'Distant Horizon' that has been composed with the co-operation of saxophonist Ivan M. We are planning to give you the first track of our co-operation where we preferred the sound of the wind controller EWI.

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