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02. 01. 2015 1,000 Blog

Welcome into the New Year of 2015! We are entering a New Year that can bring you lots of new impulses, new opportunities and changes... I hope they will contribute to you moving forward on your life journey. Vibes has some breaking news, for example a new EP will be released in the Spring that will be in an electroswing style, and again will also be performing live. There are many things to look forward to!

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Djing na Christmas Party pro Al Piano

28. 12. 2014 469 DJing

Tentokrát jsem se postaral o vánoční firemní party pro Al Piano a zahrál kromě klasické party muziky i poctivé osmdesátky. Vánoce jsou však Vánoce a tak jsem si připravil vánoční set poskládaný z těch nejvydařenějších vánočních písní a došlo i na Franka Sinatru.

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Vibes DJing na Barrandově

07. 12. 2014 149 DJing

• I played at a shooting of the final rounds of the renowned gastronomic competition "Cooking with Klasa“ that was held at Barrandov studios. I enjoyed 2 days of DJing in co-operation with the movie festival Febiofest and with the production group 'Key Promotion'.

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Vibes Remix “Who Is St. Germain” in French movie “Un singe sur le dos” on satellite channel Arte

21. 10. 2014 115

Did it ever happen to you that you produced a really good track, and you liked it that much that you wanted to remix it straight away? I usually do re-mixes for other people, but in this case when I "accidentally" looped half a tact of a recently finished track 'Who Is St. Germain', the idea was out there and it was so successful that it was broadcasted on the satellite channel Arte in a French movie ‘Un singe sur le dos’.

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DIY – Jonáš Gruska

15. 10. 2014 628


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Shruthi-1 – The Legend from Mutable Instruments

07. 09. 2014 241 Studio

Have you heard about the interesting synthesizer Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments? You should definitely get one, or better to build one yourself. Moreover, thanks to a variety of filters, you can even build the whole series. Do you want filters from MS-20, Polyvox, Moog, or Arp? You can choose.

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Vibes Series: DIY – Do It Yourself

07. 09. 2014 301

Vibes is starting a new series on DIY - Do It Yourself. In a twelvefold series, Each month I will interview a specialist in DIY and share his experiences with you. Hopefully that could inspire you as it did me. Think globally, act locally. This is one of the DIY thoughts and it reflects perfectly the situation nowadays. I will introduce you to people, who thanks to DIY, began with interesting startups, freed themselves from being an employee and are now successful in what they like doing.

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