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20. 05. 2014 14

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DIY Series: Part 4. – Interview with Michal Steinz

28. 04. 2014 83

In today’s part of the DIY series I visited Michal Steinz the owner of recording studio in Tabor who is engaged in building clones of famous studio equipment. How to build, for example, a clone of the SSL G4000 Mixbus compressor? And how to make it look attractive? How to deal with the construction requirements, and with the actual making of the instrument? Michal and I discussed all these issues.

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DIY – Michal Steinz

28. 04. 2014 421

Fotografie ze studia Michal Steinze,  pořízené při natáčení rozhovoru v rámci seriálu o DIY ve spolupráci s  časopisem  Music Store. Jak si postavit klony proslulých studiových zařízení? Přečtěte si více v BLOGU Vibesu.

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25. 04. 2014 7

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New Plugin for the Vibes Studio – Eventide Blackhole

22. 04. 2014 173 Studio

Get an experimental reverb from Eventide, especially convenient for making movies. Blackhole is the first native plugin from Eventide that I have in my Vibes studio and I was really surprised by its quality sound, possibilities and direct control.

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Studiologic Numa Concert Review

19. 04. 2014 263

Do you try to buy interesting stage pianos with quality and very responsive keyboard? This time I have chosen a model from the Studiologic company. Its “Numa Concert” could be an interesting alternative for you.

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Waldorf Pulse 2 Review

09. 04. 2014 69

The long expected reincarnation of the analogue synthesizer “Waldorf Pulse” is finally here. Has the new Pulse2 met the requirements? How does it play and what are its possibilities? I have tested the Pulse 2 quite intensively for two months. Read my review on this instrument in the Music Store magazine.

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