Vibes Shruthi-1 collection

10. 07. 2014 111

Několik fotografií z Vibes Shruthi-1 série. V hlavní roli: Shruthi1 4Pole Mission – Polymorph, Shruthi Classicist, Shruthi Psychonaut, Shruthi the Nerd. Chcete se dozvědět o fenoménu Shruthi více? Podívejte se na příspěvek o Shruthi synthesizerech do BLOGU Vibesu

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DIY Series: Part 6. – Interview with Jonáš Gruska

07. 07. 2014 223

Today we will be looking at the DIY phenomena from a slightly different point of view. And that will be through the artist´s eyes, who is fully engaged in experimental music. He is also looking for new ways of connecting the real world with the world of electronics and new technology. In this DIY series I have so far interviewed the youngest DIY Guru Jonáš Gruska, whom I visited in Bratislava.

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Distant Horizon

25. 06. 2014 13

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Vibes collaboration with Disk Multimedia

24. 06. 2014 62

Vibes has been co-operating on a long term basis with the renowned Czech distributor ´Disk Multimedia´, who specializes in studio technique and equipment for musicians. Thanks to this company, I have had the opportunity to try out first some of the latest and newest models on the market. Do you have something in mind that you would like to test?

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DIY – Bastl Instruments

16. 06. 2014 807

Fotografie z dalšího rozhovoru s klukama z Bastl Instruments. Tentokrát jsem se rozjel do Brna a celý večer  strávil  povídáním o DIY, bastlení a vůbec… Jak lze rozjet prosperující byznys v malé partě v centru Brna a ještě si to dobře užít? Kluci z Bastlu mají dobře našlápnuto. Chcete se dozvědět víc? Přečtěte si o nich v BLOGU Vibesu.

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DIY Series: Part 5. – Interview with Bastl Instruments

28. 05. 2014 137

What would happen when several musicians from the Brno underground scene met at an art school and discover on their own that each of them is into electronics? A successful project can arise after five years that will have a yearly turnover to the amount of one million Czech crowns and will distribute DIY instruments to the whole world. This time, the boys from Bastl Instruments were interviewed and I was really having a great time with them.

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Into The Future

25. 05. 2014 10

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