How I spilt young wine onto my Kurzweil P3K

26. 02. 2015 133 Studio

Read how I had to take apart one of my most favorite instruments, Kurzweil PC3K, and look at the pictures in the gallery. Although the whole action took several hours, all went surprisingly smooth. And inside the Kurzweil? It is definitely worth seeing. The Mara chips, developed by Ray Kurzweil, have survived the test of time.

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Vibes track for videocut of the finals of competition Miss Highschool for Líbím se ti

07. 02. 2015 63

Look at the video from the final evening of the ‘Miss High School 2013’ competition for which I composed the music soundtrack. Our new track ‘It Could Be You’ was a clear choice. This time I synchronized the music directly according to the scenes and I held on to the timing until the very last tune.

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Vibes DJ set – Golf club Albatros

07. 02. 2015 281 DJing

Vibes Event DJing at golf championship at Albatros resort club organized by saloon Al Piano Su Misura. This time I could enjoy beautiful sunny day of the Indian summer and I could play outsine among the greens in tandem with the moderatorNicol Lennertová.

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Collaboration with Mari W.

04. 02. 2015 97

Ffotografie ze spolupráce se zpěvačkou Mari W, se kterou nyní spolupracuji na novém EP, tentokrát ve stylu elektroswingu. Více informací najdete v BLOGU Vibesu.

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Collaboration with Ivan M.

04. 02. 2015 86

Fotografie ze spolupráce se saxofonistou Ivanem M. ze studia Vibes. Pro více informací se podívejte do BLOGU Vibesu.

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Collaboration with Taini

04. 02. 2015 84

Několik promo fotografií se zpěvačkou Taini, se kterou dlouhodobě spolupracuji na tracích ve stylu housu, deephousu lounge a drum & bassu.

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02. 01. 2015 992 Blog

Welcome into the New Year of 2015! We are entering a New Year that can bring you lots of new impulses, new opportunities and changes… I hope they will contribute to you moving forward on your life journey. Vibes has some breaking news, for example a new EP will be released in the Spring that will be in an electroswing style, and again will also be performing live. There are many things to look forward to!

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