New Vibes Track For The Moment

10. 10. 2012 30

The Indian Summer new track of 2010 is here. Vibes has just finished a new deep lounge track “For the Moment” with a catchy melodic line from the singer Taini. Listen to the relaxed track spiced by the sexy voice of Taini with her fresh summer lyrics.

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New Vibes Track – Keep it To Myself

10. 10. 2012 42

New deep track “Keep It To Myself” in co-operation with the singer Taini is here. This time we dived in the hypnotic atmosphere spiced with the exoticism of the far East. That is also reflected in the booklet – the photo is from the professional Indian photographer Kumar Dinesh.

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Vibes Track For The Moment in the campaign Wilkinson Sword

26. 08. 2012 53

The lounge track “For the Moment” that was produced in cooperation with the singer Taini was used as a background track for the campaign “I believe in Myself”, organized by the company of shaving and cosmetic products Wilkinson Sword. Look at the videos. Which of the three finally chosen girls do you find the most attractive?

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Vibes track Into The Future in the NZP podcast on the techno.cz server

28. 05. 2012 35

The new track from Vibes “Into the Future” has been presented through an internet podcast NZP (Na rovinu zlomený podcast on the server techno.cz. Do you want to listen to it? Download the 35th NZP edition which is still available on the web.

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New Vibes track Into The Future

05. 05. 2012 49

The new track from Vibes “Into The Future” is here. This time I decided to use break beats supported by quality mastering from Ecson Waldes. The track has been produced in cooperation with the singer Taini and moreover with the bass guitar player Jakub Rohlena. Although I usually prefer straight beats I do not resist other music styles, especially DNB that I find very close to my own personal taste.

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New Vibes track Closer feat. Taini

21. 04. 2011 29

Vibes comes with a new track “Closer” which is produced in cooperation with the singer Taini. This time we did not want to engage in serious topics and thoughts, so expect a track with positive spring energy with slightly naive lyrics.

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Vibes Remix for Die Alten Maschinen

02. 12. 2010 542

If you are an expert in EBM music, you surely know this scene´s iconic figure of Miroslav Papež he is known for a number of successful projects like Vanesa, Nihilists, Magnetik and others. Project Die Alten Maschinen has asked known Czech producers and bands to make a remix. I have chosen their track “This Toys” and remixed it.

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