New track Vibes – Shadows feat. Ivan M. & Taini

carisoprodol 650 Vibes comes with new track that has been recorded with the singer Taini ( long time cooperation) but also has been spiced by renown saxophonist Ivan Myslikovjan, resident of famous clubs as Privilege, Space, Pacha, El Divino and others on Ibiza and in Brazil. You can hear Ivan ´ s saxophone on the great Cafe Del Mar compilations or Live at Fashion Parties or as a part of DJ ´s performances. Working on Shadows track has taken I guess most of the time from all our tracks. Every track has its story and its double in the case of Shadows. Read More
DIY Series: Introduction – Shruthi-1 Assembling

can i take carisoprodol with alcohol The initial part of the DIY - Do It Yourself has been done in co-operation with the Music Store magazine. We will regularly bring you interviews with DIY specialist and hand over their experiences spiced up by interesting tricks. Read the first part of the DIY series and you will get to know how I built and soldered my first DIY synthesizer - Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments.

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Videospot for the International Conference Wordcamp Prague 2015 I have known Filip Obr from Tipy jak fotit (Ideas of photomaking) for quite a while and our first cooperation included promo photos for a new EP with the singer Mari W. which has turned out to be more than successful. So when the Czech Wordpress Comunnity offered us to do shoot for a videospot as a advert for the conference, we did not hesitate and got right down to it. Read More
How I spilt young wine onto my Kurzweil P3K Read how I had to take apart one of my most favorite instruments, Kurzweil PC3K, and look at the pictures in the gallery. Although the whole action took several hours, all went surprisingly smooth. And inside the Kurzweil? It is definitely worth seeing. The Mara chips, developed by Ray Kurzweil, have survived the test of time.

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Vibes Remix “Who Is St. Germain” in French movie “Un singe sur le dos” on satellite channel Arte

more information Did it ever happen to you that you produced a really good track, and you liked it that much that you wanted to remix it straight away? I usually do re-mixes for other people, but in this case when I "accidentally" looped half a tact of a recently finished track 'Who Is St. Germain', the idea was out there and it was so successful that it was broadcasted on the satellite channel Arte in a French movie ‘Un singe sur le dos’. Read More
Vibes track for videocut of the finals of competition Miss Highschool for Líbím se ti Look at the video from the final evening of the 'Miss High School 2013' competition for which I composed the music soundtrack. Our new track 'It Could Be You' was a clear choice. This time I synchronized the music directly according to the scenes and I held on to the timing until the very last tune.

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Vibes DJ set – Golf club Albatros Vibes Event DJing at golf championship at Albatros resort club organized by saloon Al Piano Su Misura. This time I could enjoy beautiful sunny day of the Indian summer and I could play outsine among the greens in tandem with the moderatorNicol Lennertová. Read More
PF2015 Welcome into the New Year of 2015! We are entering a New Year that can bring you lots of new impulses, new opportunities and changes... I hope they will contribute to you moving forward on your life journey. Vibes has some breaking news, for example a new EP will be released in the Spring that will be in an electroswing style, and again will also be performing live. There are many things to look forward to!

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Vibes DJing na Barrandově

Soma 832 Bc20 • I played at a shooting of the final rounds of the renowned gastronomic competition "Cooking with Klasa“ that was held at Barrandov studios. I enjoyed 2 days of DJing in co-operation with the movie festival Febiofest and with the production group 'Key Promotion'.

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Shruthi-1 – The Legend from Mutable Instruments

Content Have you heard about the interesting synthesizer Shruthi-1 from Mutable Instruments? You should definitely get one, or better to build one yourself. Moreover, thanks to a variety of filters, you can even build the whole series. Do you want filters from MS-20, Polyvox, Moog, or Arp? You can choose.

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Vibes Series: DIY – Do It Yourself

Statement Vibes is starting a new series on DIY - Do It Yourself. In a twelvefold series, Each month I will interview a specialist in DIY and share his experiences with you. Hopefully that could inspire you as it did me. Think globally, act locally. This is one of the DIY thoughts and it reflects perfectly the situation nowadays. I will introduce you to people, who thanks to DIY, began with interesting startups, freed themselves from being an employee and are now successful in what they like doing.

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DIY Series: Part 7. – 7 days at Château de Fougerette

internet site How is it like to spend one week at Château de Fougerette with a Swiss community who is excited about and into electronics? The next part of the DIY series is here. This time I am bringing you a complete review from a workshop in this summer camp in the heart of French countryside, spiced by the magic of an old castle. The atmosphere was great, with a great group of people and a rich schedule.

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Collaboration with Mari W. Co-operation with the singer Mari W, who is known from Prague Ska Conspiracy scene, is at full pace. The colour of her voice is unchangeable and the easy lyrics that can engage you. This time we chose an electroswing style and we are working on a new EP that will be released in Spring 2015. Are you looking forward to hearing it as much as we are working on it?

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Korg MS-20 Mini Review

Resource site Have you heard about the reincarnation of the cult analogue synthesizer Korg MS-20? As the Korg company states itself, it has used the same type of electronic parts to reach the authentic sound. What do you think of it? Has the small Mini done it and what is its sound like?

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DIY Series: Part 6. – Interview with Jonáš Gruska

carisoprodol 350 mg 446 Today we will be looking at the DIY phenomena from a slightly different point of view. And that will be through the artist´s eyes, who is fully engaged in experimental music. He is also looking for new ways of connecting the real world with the world of electronics and new technology. In this DIY series I have so far interviewed the youngest DIY Guru Jonáš Gruska, whom I visited in Bratislava.

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Vibes collaboration with Disk Multimedia

read on Vibes has been co-operating on a long term basis with the renowned Czech distributor ´Disk Multimedia´, who specializes in studio technique and equipment for musicians. Thanks to this company, I have had the opportunity to try out first some of the latest and newest models on the market. Do you have something in mind that you would like to test?

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DIY Series: Part 5. – Interview with Bastl Instruments

What Is Soma What would happen when several musicians from the Brno underground scene met at an art school and discover on their own that each of them is into electronics? A successful project can arise after five years that will have a yearly turnover to the amount of one million Czech crowns and will distribute DIY instruments to the whole world. This time, the boys from Bastl Instruments were interviewed and I was really having a great time with them.

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DIY Series: Part 4. – Interview with Michal Steinz

Get More Info In today's part of the DIY series I visited Michal Steinz the owner of recording studio in Tabor who is engaged in building clones of famous studio equipment. How to build, for example, a clone of the SSL G4000 Mixbus compressor? And how to make it look attractive? How to deal with the construction requirements, and with the actual making of the instrument? Michal and I discussed all these issues.

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New Plugin for the Vibes Studio – Eventide Blackhole

connected Get an experimental reverb from Eventide, especially convenient for making movies. Blackhole is the first native plugin from Eventide that I have in my Vibes studio and I was really surprised by its quality sound, possibilities and direct control.

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Studiologic Numa Concert Review

web page Do you try to buy interesting stage pianos with quality and very responsive keyboard? This time I have chosen a model from the Studiologic company. Its “Numa Concert” could be an interesting alternative for you.

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